Hello from Hen Waller

Welcome to Letter from Hen Waller, our urban homesteading journal and recipe repository.

This weblog will record our triumphs and trials as neophyte urban homesteaders, and will also include purty pictures of our garden in summer, favorite recipes, music we are enjoying, books we’re reading, and so forth. We do hope you enjoy your visit.

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  1. Holly says:

    This is the other homesteader of hen waller, who would like to enter the qualification that I am just not sure “neophyte” fits any more. We’ve been morphing into our current folksy selves for about seven years now, with some admitted fits and starts. But we are recovering head people, and fall easily into thinking we must do more research before we can really take the floor. The great thing about life at hen waller, however, is that it happens in the breach, or on the ground, as I learned to say about “real life” back in my university days. And that’s where we want to live.

  2. joe says:

    when y’all holler, holler hen waller!

    now, hows about some tidits from the urban farmer’s almamac – what you sown when, what it brought it, and cetera. can we expect that?

  3. patrick says:

    hey joe, well, golly, over the years i have found that i am terrible at keeping records such as those which you describe. at least, precise records. maybe this journal will improve that.

  4. Carla Emery says:

    I love it! Thanks for your kind words about my book and the link. I’m green with envy at the professionalism of your page: color background, boxes, glorious photos, sidebars, etc. May I use that pickled lemon recipe in a future edition of my book? Been looking for that. Are you on my newsletter list? I send one out once a week…

  5. kathy berg says:

    how fascinating and tres interesting. you are an example to all of us who wish to grow our own. and as one of the maternals, i want to mention my experience with farm/ranch life. every summer of my youth i was fortunate to visit my aunt sallee and uncle mose on their cattle and sometime sheep ranch. my aunt had a huge garden where we would pick beans, carrots, lettuce etc. for meals. there was a chicken house where we took a kitchen bowl and filled it with eggs for an unbelieveable breakfast. the hens were not the friendliest creatures, but i took to talking to them the minute i arrived at the doorway which made them less snippy. i hated the smell, but loved the idea of collecting those little nuggets. it was the first and only place i had seen brown eggs. we rode horses, jumped in haystacks (don’t do it), helped with branding (only once) avoided the slaughtering hovel and in general loved the life on the ranch. i now hope to find my patch of heaven to grow organically. your great aunt and uncle came to wyoming from the big city where she was head of nursing at Michael Reese Hospital and he had a doctorate in math and wrote for the chicago tribune in paris just before they met. she was raised on a farm and your great grandfather farmed in russia before he escaped. so, you come by it naturally, patrick. the best of luck to you and holly and congratulations on your creative farming venture and lust for the real life. love, your mom ps.. how about the nearing books??

  6. Pat McGuire says:

    Hey guys, great job on the blog! All that education, training and experience has produced an exceptional result. Keep up the good work (or should I say keep up the good fun?).

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