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Garden Greens Quiche

Here’s the quiche mentioned in Patrick’s “Spring Plantings” post. It was divine. It is a riff off of my mother Mary’s famous spinach quiche. She would make it for the brunches we held every Christmas while I was growing up, … Continue reading

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Chayote, Joy of Man's Desiring

I learned to use a chayote in cooking from Diana Kennedy’s The Art of Mexican Cooking. It shows up in various moles as a cooked starchy vegetable. When we moved to the Bay Area I heard about people growing them … Continue reading

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Spring Plantings

Yesterday we spent a few hours in the garden doing some spring planting and general tidying-up. The garden looks a bit messy in the winter with its overgrowths of clover and fava beans, but all the rampant growth is a … Continue reading

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Seed Orders

In mid-February we gathered up all our notes and dog-eared seed catalogs, and finally made our seed orders. In past years we’ve mostly bought seeds from Seeds of Change. They have a really good selection of organic vegetables, herbs, and … Continue reading

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Cabbage and Bean Soup

This is a heavily-evolved version of Asparagus and White Bean Soup from Classic Spanish Cooking with Chef Ef. In essence, it’s a cabbage and potato soup (or stew) flavored with wine and bacon. The dish is quite versatile and takes … Continue reading

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This is a good recipe for leftover cooked barley. It’s simple, filling, and tasty. I’m not going to try and measure everything out here. Just use enough barley for each person, a handful of cheese and 1 or 2 eggs … Continue reading

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Calm returns to the waller

Well, things seem to be settling down at last. We managed to get the croppy chicken back into the flock, with a mixture of bribes and strategic pairing. First, we put a big mess of rolled oats, yoghurt, and chopped … Continue reading

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