Chick Magnet


That’s our friend Novella with one of the 22 chicks she is raising at her urban farm here in Oakland. She got a straight run of mixed heavy breeds. We finally got over there last week to fondle and coo and be overwhelmed by the cuteness of it all! The little chicks grow up so fast!

We had some fun trying to identify the breeds. We think the black ones, like the one Novella is holding above, are Black Australorps.


There also appear to be some Buff Orpingtons (the gold-colored chick on the left) and we’re guessing that the beautifully feathered specimen in the front of this photo is a Partridge Rock. I got the chicks to hold still for the camera by making a twittery bigger-bird sound.


Here Holly speaks in secret urban-chicken language to a tiny and easily-identifiable Transylvanian Naked Neck chick. (They’re also called Turkens, but guess which name I like better!) This breed, originally from Eastern Europe, was selected for necks (and hindquarters) bare of feathers, which lends them a turkey-like appearance.


The above photo is kinda blurry but I wanted to show a close up of the Naked Neck variety.

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  1. Trinity says:

    i love the baby naked necks.I have some my self so cute but yet so ugly loo.great picture.

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