What We Did on Our Spring Vacation

In late March we spent a wonderful week on a European vacation in Portland, Oregon. We took the train into town from the airport, checked into our hostel, rented some bikes, and, well, vacated. We enjoyed the great bike network, the amazing local/seasonal/natural food culture, and the cool spritzy weather. And Powells books! We got to visit Powells books!

Most days we rode 20 miles or more, exploring the city and meeting friends for a visit or a meal. It was great fun and we didn’t miss the language barrier or the 12-hour flight one bit.

Patrick wrote a lengthy post on Chowhound describing our gustatory excursions.

Here are some photos from our trip.


We spent one day circumnavigating the city on the I-205 bike path and the Springwater Corridor Trail. Both were well designed and well maintained. The I-205 path was surprisingly pleasant — a great use of all that green space that borders the interstate. The above photo is on the Springwater Trail, just after we passed through an intersection with a traffic light just for the trail.


We had slow-fast-food at the Burgerville on Hawthorne, where they use naturally raised Oregon Country Beef in their burgers and fresh strawberries in their yummy strawberry shakes.


One day we rode all the way out to the St Johns bridge.


Portland boasts a lovely waterfront esplanade on both sides of the Willamette. This is a view from the east bank.


Here’s the bike and ped access ramp to the Esplanade from the east end of the Hawthorne Bridge.


On the north end of the Eastside Esplanade there is a handy bike signal for easy access to the Interstate/Greeley bike lane. If you look carefully you can see that the signal is a little bike silhouette! Tr?ɬ�s jolie!


Like many things in Portland, the bike signal includes clear instructions.


Here Holly checks the maps on a green-tea break in Sellwood.


We discovered that there are many ways tea is prepared for you in public establishments. Stumptown, the location of this photo, used the preferred method, involving loose tea and hot water from the espresso machine’s steamer vent.



We visited a nursery in the Mississippi neighborhood that sold baby chicks and chicken feed! Naturally there were a couple of fussy hens prowling their outdoor garden — kind of like the ubiquitous bookstore cat. We found the hens dust-bathing in a potting soil bin. They seemed to enjoy their home.

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  1. mary mcguire says:

    thanks for including us in on your trip. I also like the bike signs and paths. I relaxed for a few minutes with this story and the one with the baby chicks and that relaxing and laughing are good things. bye

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