The Movable Hen Waller

There’s a reason we haven’t posted in aeons, and won’t be posting much over the next few weeks. Yes, that’s right, Hen Waller is moving! Holly and I are packing up the chicken tractor (and, um, a bunch of other stuff) and moving to Portland, Oregon.

To answer the question on everyone’s lips, our fellow Oakland farmer friend Novella has adopted our hens into her flock and says that they are getting along very well.

We don’t know whether or how we’ll raise birds in our new home; it depends on a lot of factors, but I sure hope we can get a flock going in the spring of 2006. Also I’d like to grow hops, make beer and wine, join a cowshare so we can get raw cowsmilk and make our own cheese and butter (they have cowshares! who knew!), learn to keep bees (and then keep some), and continue all our food growing, cheesemaking, fermenting, and preserving.

Portland seems like a pretty good place to do all those things. Stay tuned for our continuing and presumably rainy adventures.



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  1. Bent says:

    Pat- Find a way to get ahold of Karen Finley down in Corvallis. She’s aces at keeping bees.
    She’s been selling honey throughout central Oregon for about 10 years. I have her number
    somewhere if you want it. -B

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