Bike Move, March 12


I helped out with a bike move from the Mississippi neighborhood up to Kenton. It was super fun, a nice ride, and good to meet folks and see all the various ways of carrying things. Tom, whom I met at the Palm Tree Ride earlier, had a 96″ Bikes At Work trailer (three times as long as ours) upon which he carried a big old gas stove, a dresser, and some other things. I hauled a vintage treadle-powered sewing machine on our 32″ B.A.W. trailer.

I took a few photos, but it was like being at a wedding where every photo you took included three other people with cameras to their faces. Jonathan of documented the whole thing rather extensively, and Dat (whose Trek Portland is shown in the photo at top) took a lot of shots as well.

Here’s the route I rode yesterday, from home to the bike move and back — almost 18 miles total, to my surprise. The move was from Failing & Haight to the endpoint at Willis.

This route shows my new favorite way to get to the Mississippi neighborhood (over the gulch at 21st, left on Broadway, up 7th, etc) though I have to fine-tune the return route because of the one-ways. Wiedler is nowhere near as nice as Broadway, for one thing, so maybe I will try returning on Multnomah.


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