Pulled Pork


Our friends John and Elly had an equinox pig roast on Monday. That morning I pitched in and hauled the whole hog from Pastaworks to John’s house nearby. Later that night Holly and I stopped by and enjoyed some delicious roast pork along with several chutneys, baked beans, and a table full of snacks, bread and cheeses. John and Elly even made some sorbets for the occasion, which were delicious.

The crowning touch was that the rotisserie itself was constructed from bike parts! John had secured two road frames into the ground with re-bar, and adapted the bottom brackets to rotate a long section of pipe. The pig was threaded onto the pipe, and there it roasted, turned slowly by hand, for about 8 hours.


Happy spring!

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3 Responses to Pulled Pork

  1. Karol says:

    I wish I could remember the name of the book, but
    it’s at my local library (in Eugene,Ore.). It’s
    from the late 19th Century/early 20th about home-built
    items you can make for your homestead. In one illustration
    it shows a bicycle-powered washing machine. Check
    this book out sometime.

    I’m writing an article about urban agriculture for a
    a ag paper I write for. Here in Eugene, I know several
    people who have their own hens and grow a lot of
    their own produce. Each property owner, too, can keep one
    bee hive. What’s it like in Oakland?



  2. mary mcguire says:

    thanks for including thepic; i couldn’t visualize the bike frames. must have been such a nice
    well earned party. apparently you’re hauling your own multiples of 50 pounds sacks with your
    trailer too. stron. bye mary

  3. Patrick says:

    hi mary, you must be talking about my “personal best” recently — hauling 200 lbs of garden amendments and chicken feed from the feed supply house to our house. for some reason I take great pleasure in such activities. we were lucky, too: about ten minutes after we got home a thunderstorm rolled in and it really started raining! –patrick

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