Breakfast on Bridges video segment


Well, though the blog seems to be more about bicycling than hen-wallering lately, I must add another bike-related event to the stew. Last Friday Holly and I participated in another fabulously successful Breakfast on the Bridges, wherein a passel of volunteers serve hot coffee and donuts and pastries to cycle commuters on their way to work. It was a beautiful sunny day and many folks stopped for a tasty snack and some conversation. A fellow named Clarence, who does a TV program called BikeTV, was there with his camera, and has produced a short segment about Breakfast on the Bridges. Holly and I both make an appearance, as well as the fabulous (and vegan!) Rise Up Doughnuts.

The photo above is from February’s event. Also a nice day.

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4 Responses to Breakfast on Bridges video segment

  1. Karol says:

    Hey, what a great idea! I could see this happening in Eugene too.
    I love anything that promotes alternative transportation and community
    at the same time.Who organized this? I’d like to talk to that person.

  2. mary mcguire says:

    that video clip was so cool, like having a bunch of cheerful bikers stop by with music. thanks

  3. site admin says:

    Hi Karol, I am not sure whose idea this was originally. It is part of Shift to Bikes, a local bike advocacy organization. Their web site is

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