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Salad Dressing Ramble

I have loved salad my whole life (to my mother’s delight), but in my preteen years that meant Wish Bone Italian dressing. I loved that dressing. I can still sharply visualize the little mysterious bits floating in the vinegar layer at the bottom of the bottle, beneath the top level of oil. Continue reading

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New Discoveries

I just wrote a rather lengthy post on the Eat Local Challenge weblog. I hope you’ll take a look. Here’s how it starts: As the month progresses, I am learning more about our local foodshed every day. Living in this … Continue reading

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Dusty Hot Springs

We got the fencing up around their yard a couple weeks ago and they absolutely love it. Continue reading

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Don't Forget the Chickens!

As Patrick commenced his own super-hero changing routine, I went out to load up my bike for our ride downtown to the late drop-off location. Continue reading

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Local pizza delivery . . . and I do mean local!

OK, don’t kid yourself: we’re trying to eat local this month, but we’re certainly not doing it every meal, every day. Along with the Eat Local Challenge, May features a particularly rigorous work schedule for us; TWO Breakfast-on-the-Bridges events; and, … Continue reading

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Patrick and Willy Wheeling away the Evening

Patrick is finally lacing up his coveted Phil Wood hubs for the fixed gear. Continue reading

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When I sit at the wheel to center a mound of clay, if I am not there in my mind, in myself, then the clay will not center. Continue reading

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