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Ready, set . . . lay!

High summer, indeed. Here we are in the longest days of the year, and apparently they aim to be the hottest, as well. Yesterday hit 105°, and currently it is 85° inside. The house is gloomy with our passive cooling … Continue reading

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Amber waves of ethanol

And today’s NYT had more about the growing ethanol industry. Speaking of the food/fuel nexus, guess who one of the biggest players is? That’s right NPR-listeners, the corporation who brought you “Supermarket to the World,” ADM—Archer Daniels Midland—who apparently have … Continue reading

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Oil or food?

We are destroying our agricultural land at a terrifying rate—Cobb notes that close to 50 million acres of farmland are lost to salinization and erosion every year. Is this getting through to anyone? Continue reading

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Cracking the Eat Local Code

I had surprisingly mixed feelings at the outset of the challenge, after my initial burst of “right on!” when Patrick mentioned the idea. Continue reading

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What would Kent Peterson do?

I am always happy to find a new post on Kent Peterson’s blog. Kent is a family man, a professional bicycle advocate, a good writer, and, of course, a bicyclist — but not just a bicyclist, he’s one of that … Continue reading

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