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Flying the Coop?

Our initial reaction was to give up. Our goal is not to prove a point, not to make people unhappy, nor, even, to win. Our goal was to nurture animals, to nurture ourselves, and hopefully to add some of that good experience to others’ lives. Continue reading

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Bicycles needed for a car-free existence

This is not really a list of bicycles. It is a list of the roles that bicycles need to play. Each bicycle will provide many of the below functions. For example, my fixed-gear bicycle provides me with roles 6, 7, … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton on peak oil

He’s right on about the fundamentally intertwined nature of climate change and peak oil. Continue reading

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Was the Garden of Eden Grass?

The NYT recently reported on a new front in the war against sod, a project called “Edible Estates.” The project is run by an architect, Fritz Haeg. The Times puts it thus: Mr. Haeg regards the Edible Estates project as … Continue reading

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1 Tank of Gas or 1 Year of Food?

Cars, not people, will claim most of the increase in world grain consumption this year. Continue reading

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Gettin' laid

oo! oo! the first egg from our new hens! for comparison, the new egg is above. Our first egg from our last batch of hens (which egg was delivered unto us in February, 2004) is shown below.

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Magical Fruit

I think there is something magical about fruit. Most fruit plants are perennial, and often somewhat nondescript in appearance for most of the year&3151;they are just part of the landscape. And then, suddenly, they are laden with fruit, wonderful, energy-filled, sweet tasting, beautifully colored treasures. Continue reading

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