Bill Clinton on peak oil

For those interested in the peak oil/climate change nexus, I just read the following interview with former President Clinton. It’s actually excerpted quotes from an audio interview on Minnesota Public radio (I haven’t listened to it). Interesting to get this perspective on what he sees now versus what he could see while in office. He’s right on about the fundamentally intertwined nature of climate change and peak oil. We cannot address either in isolation.

An excerpt:

There’s a good chance that these people who made a living all these years studying petroleum deposits know what they’re talking about, and we may not have as much oil as we think. So we need to get in gear.

But it’s a blessing, it’s a bird’s nest on the ground. America needs a source of new jobs and we should be leading the way.

Note the combination of hard truth, along with a positive perspective. I think that’s called leadership.

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One Response to Bill Clinton on peak oil

  1. Scout says:

    I keep hoping that Bill Clinton will find himself back in the political spotlight, perhaps as an ambassador to a place where cooler heads are needed to prevail. He’s always struck me as having a unique political mind, and even more so now that he’s distanced from the office of the president. He’s a man who still has a lot to offer this country — and the world — and I’d love to see him do it. This is a nice quote to hear from him.

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