Transmission from Former Life as Artist

Over the course of the early 1990s, I composed five short poems using found text. I created audio versions of the poems for the 1998 Seattle Poetry Festival, and the festival organizers encouraged me to make a “poetry video.” I had never heard of such a thing, but I gave it a try: I shot super-large photocopies of the poems using an old Super 8 camera and then transferred the film to video, put that on a computer, and synced it with the audio files. The resulting short film was shown at Bumbershoot in 1998.

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot about You Tube and seeing a lot of the gritty video clips from same. I wondered if I could find my old video files and convert them to something up-load-able. A few quick edits later, here for all eternity is the rather compressed-looking You Tube version of Assessing Damage: Five Poems.

If you like these and want a better-quality copy, let me know and perhaps I will make available some sort of proper release.

You should probably know there are a couple of four-letter words within these bytes.

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2 Responses to Transmission from Former Life as Artist

  1. John Osmon says:

    That was grate. U should check out some of my photos on my web site when u get a chance. I have an old camera that I use to get that vintage look.

  2. Jamie says:

    Heh – “The poems are giant. Holly is of conventional size.”

    Very nice.

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