Thanksgiving and the Eat Local Challenge

All of us Locavores are busy chit-chatting about how to make our Thanksgivings as local as possible. Sarah Irani, in the D.C. area, talked to the Washington Post about her plans. The article is well-written, and really explores the notion of locally sourced food in a way that I don’t usually see in the mainstream press. Perhaps the idea of a locally-sourced Thanksgiving is a good angle of approach for people.

Read the whole story here.

For our part, Holly and I are making the turkey and stuffing for a Thanksgiving feast here in Southeast Portland. We are sourcing our turkey from a grower of organically/sustainably-raised heritage birds in Scio, Oregon, about 70 miles away. I am having to re-think my brine, which previously used various kinds of citrus fruit.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

— Patrick

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  1. kathy berg says:

    hi you two, can’t wait for thanksgiving 2007. great seeing you in ny, love, m

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