Coop Raisin'

We built a chicken coop today. It’s part of the volunteer-run egg farm that we are starting. We had a fun and hugely productive work party out at Zenger Farm and framed out our coop in about four hours. There are a lot of little things to finish on it, but even so– it’s amazing how work parties go. Things happen in hours instead of weeks, and there’s always time to take photos or talk or just stand there and watch something come together. Thanks to everyone who helped build it, and, for that matter, all the volunteers who have signed up to be part of this project. If all goes well we’ll be swimming in eggs (and chickens!) by late June.

One of the members, Tommy, blogged about the coop building, and that’s his photo up top.

I am absolutely amazed that this much has come to pass in this little time. I am humbled by the kindness and hard-working generosity of these good people. I am grateful for all the resources we have to share.

–patrick (and holly too)

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5 Responses to Coop Raisin'

  1. Tommy says:

    I, for one, am not “absolutely amazed that this much has come to pass in this little time.” Not in the least. You guys have floated a truly great idea, and it should only follow that people will respond to that. It’s not effort that’s lacking in this world, but vision, and I thank you for yours.

  2. novella says:

    handsome coop, people!
    y’all rule.

  3. Tommy says:


    I met up with these fools to put some finishing touches on the coop earlier today. This thing’s lookin’ to be off the ground pretty soon! We’ll most likely have a blog up soon to chart its progress as well, so keep checking in on us!


  4. rhondajean says:

    I think it’s a wonderful thing to get together with kindred spirits to build large projects. Good luck with your chickens.

  5. stephk says:

    i wish i were in the area so i could volunteer! very inspiring!! best!

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