Eastside Egg in the news

We’re pleased to announce that our egg co-operative has been featured in Edible Portland, a local food and culture magazine that is available for free in groceries and farmers markets in the Portland area. If you can’t see the actual magazine, you can read the story on Edible Portland’s web site.

In conjunction with this story, our efforts have also been chronicled in a thoughtfully done video piece, which you can enjoy using the viewer below. The video was shot and produced by Rebecca Gerendasy of Cooking Up a Story.


We sincerely appreciate everyone’s efforts in putting together these stories.



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3 Responses to Eastside Egg in the news

  1. JoAnne Den beste says:

    Re: article in Tuesday’s Oregonian. It mentioned that you use organic feed. Is that different than the Albers I get at Aloha Feed? If so where do you buy it?
    A year ago we bought a Hen Haven from Egganic Industries. It cost almost $1000. I would not recommend this coop, especially to someone who is not handy with tools. We have made many modifications to their basic coop. Even putting it together required 2 Engineers and a Social Worker! (out regular occupations) An important thing we added was a removeable “poop tray” We have 3 hens that were hatched last March and started laying in Qugust 07. We live in the city limits in Sw Portland.

  2. JoAnne Den beste says:

    where does one get Organic chicken feed?

    This website is very dery difficult to access!!

  3. Holly says:

    We get our organic feed at Concentrates — you can get a link to their web site in our links panel under Homesteading.Sustainability. Quite a few feed stores stock organic feed — if you’re not sure whether yours is or not, check with the store you are buying it from. The bag should certainly say organic if it is.


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