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Announcing our Guide to Portland Restaurants that use Sustainably Raised Meat

Yummy breakfast goods at Pine State Biscuits on NE Alberta. At long last, we’ve compiled a guide to Portland restaurants that source their meats from farms and suppliers who use humane and sustainable practices. We’re posting it as a “page,” … Continue reading

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Food evangelism

I am only ever a reluctantly optimistic person, so I post this nervously. But I am seeing a real increase in the amount and sophistication of reporting on food-supply issues in the media. A year ago, I was not sure … Continue reading

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Local pizza delivery . . . and I do mean local!

OK, don’t kid yourself: we’re trying to eat local this month, but we’re certainly not doing it every meal, every day. Along with the Eat Local Challenge, May features a particularly rigorous work schedule for us; TWO Breakfast-on-the-Bridges events; and, … Continue reading

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Open Kitchen

Photo by Sam Gould. Last night we had supper at Open Kitchen, a temporary community restaurant that is part of the monthlong Ghosttown project. Unfortunately, the month is almost over, and we just found out about it. Anyway, it was … Continue reading

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January Pleasures

I love this town! Here’s a few of the recent reasons why: Radius Studio I’ve worked with clay, on and off, for years, pretty much all of it hand building. I’ve worked in university settings and various studio settings. The … Continue reading

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