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Announcing our Guide to Portland Restaurants that use Sustainably Raised Meat

Yummy breakfast goods at Pine State Biscuits on NE Alberta. At long last, we’ve compiled a guide to Portland restaurants that source their meats from farms and suppliers who use humane and sustainable practices. We’re posting it as a “page,” … Continue reading

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Eastside Egg is ready to roll . . . finally!

It was almost a year ago that our chicken co-op, the Eastside Egg Co-operative at Zenger Farm, began its volunteer operations. A lot has happened since then, and the general consensus is that co-operatively tended chickens are a heck of … Continue reading

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Cascading food crisis

Organic, local, free range eggs are selling for $6 a dozen at the PDX Farmer’s Market this season. One farmer had a sign up to explain the increase, noting a 40% increase in feed prices. This is a small example … Continue reading

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Eastside Egg

Our co-operative egg farm, now known as Eastside Egg Co-operative, has been up and running for about a month now. We took delivery of 50 fine yearling Barred Rocks the day before summer Solstice, and the rest is hen-story. The … Continue reading

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Chicken Herders Wanted

Our steering committee Things have been pretty quiet on this blog lately, but we’ve been keeping busy, and we have some urban-agriculture-related news that some of our Portland-area readers may find of interest. We’re starting a co-operative egg farm here … Continue reading

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Popular Peoplemovers of Portland

It’s a good time to be a transportation geek in Portland right now. Over the past few months, we’ve witnessed the completion of two landmark pieces of transportation infrastructure: the OHSU tram, and the Three Bridges project. The OHSU tram … Continue reading

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Bikes at Work

For the practical cyclists among our readers, check out the review Patrick wrote about our Bikes at Work trailer over on the Bicycle Fixation web site. The BAW is our favorite hauler of cargo, and this article tells you why. … Continue reading

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