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Magical Fruit

I think there is something magical about fruit. Most fruit plants are perennial, and often somewhat nondescript in appearance for most of the year&3151;they are just part of the landscape. And then, suddenly, they are laden with fruit, wonderful, energy-filled, sweet tasting, beautifully colored treasures. Continue reading

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January Pleasures

I love this town! Here’s a few of the recent reasons why: Radius Studio I’ve worked with clay, on and off, for years, pretty much all of it hand building. I’ve worked in university settings and various studio settings. The … Continue reading

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First rain

We’re in Portland! I cannot begin to express how amazing that feels. Continue reading

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Farm report

I made a second batch of chevre from Berkeley goatsmilk. I seasoned it with a blend of herbs from the backyard, and wrapped each little round in leaves of basil and sage. Fancy! Completists will find more photos here. Also, … Continue reading

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Rêve des oeufs

Last night I dreamt that when I went out to put in the hens for the night, I found a little nest of eggs they had laid, tucked under the mexican sage and half-covered by twigs. in the dream it … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

I hear that this weekend is Memorial Day weekend, which comes as a bit of a shock. Time seems to be outpacing me. Patrick’s last post described our little work party, and the steps we took toward getting our hard-laying … Continue reading

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We’ve had so much cash-crop work around here, there’s hardly been any time for gardening, much less writing about it. But the garden doesn’t know this. It’s got its own work to do, as the days get longer and the … Continue reading

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